January 28 2016

Happy Concierge Day 2016 Chicago!

We are extremely proud to announce that the City of Chicago will celebrate its sixth annual Concierge Day in Chicago on Thursday, January 28, 2016.  Chicago’s hospitality industry’s front-line of customer care specialists are the talented Concierge Professionals. They are truly Chicago’s ambassadors to the city and provide visitors with insightful tips and assistance when planning meetings and special events.  Our staff at LimoBank understands and recognizes the great contributions that Chicago’s Concierge Professionals provide for our amazing city and its economy. Our team routinely works with Concierges to assist their clients with an array of services; LimoBank assists with transportation planning and logistics for client’s meetings and events providing shuttle services for every occasion throughout the city.  Chicago’s Concierges go out of their way to assist their clients and provide the services they require.  Working with them is a unique pleasure as we strive to exceed service expectations going above and beyond to consistently offer an exceptional ground transportation and customer service experience for the client.


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