Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of business represent the agreement between the CLIENT and transportation services
provider LimoBank Inc., located at 1924 W. Montrose Suite 197, Chicago, IL 60613. No variation of these terms shall be
made without mutual consent of both parties. It is important that the CLIENT reads and fully understands this document
as it establishes the working relationship between the parties. The CLIENT is encouraged at any time to seek clarification
on any matter contained in this document, including but not limited to obtaining assistance in the translation of the
document, by contacting LimoBank Inc.

During the duration of the rental of the vehicle provided by LimoBank Inc. the CLIENT assumes full financial
liability for any damage to the vehicle caused by one of it's staff or guests.
Before any vehicle damages are charged to the CLIENT, charges will be presented to the CLIENT.
In case of a blatant indiscretion on the part of the CLIENT(s) and/or any members of their party, the driver has
the right to remove any passengers that may be a safety threat.
Smoking, eating, drug use or alcohol consumption is not allowed in any of our vehicles.

LimoBank Inc. agrees to replace either a driver or vehicle if said vehicle is not able to perform for the time period
agreed to in this contract. If need be, a replacement based on availability will be made and if service or performance should fall short
due to a lack of equipment or driver, LimoBank Inc. will agree to refund the cost of the vehicle that was not in
service and have remaining buses continue to loop until all attendees are moved.
If LimoBank Inc. is unable to perform for any reason, a refund or reduced rate will be negotiated.
If possible, LimoBank Inc. will offer to make up lost service at a mutually agreed future date.
LimoBank Inc. is not responsible for delayed travel time due to unforeseen weather, traffic, unsafe road
conditions, or delays beyond our control. However, LimoBank Inc. will do all possible to reroute the vehicle and
to avoid delays.
Where delays are driver induced, LimoBank Inc. agrees to refund a portion of the agreed upon price, dependent
on the level of service affected.
LimoBank Inc. reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equal or greater value in the event of mechanical
difficulties or unforseen driver emergency or traffic delays.
LimoBank Inc. is not responsible for damage to or loss of articles or personal property left in vehicles provided by LimoBank Inc.

This Agreement will terminate, without liability to either party, if substantial performance of either party's
obligations is prevented by acts of God, regulations or orders of government authority, strikes, labor disputes,
fire, flood, explosion, act of terrorism as defined by the United States State Department, war, disorder, civil
disaster, any delay in necessary and essential repairs of the LimoBank Inc., or other emergencies, any of which
make it illegal or impossible for attendees or CLIENT staff to travel. It is provided that this Agreement may be
terminated for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other without liability
and all deposits will be returned at time of cancellation.

The fees for any damage will be discussed after the event, and any damage must be shown and approved by
CLIENT. LimoBank Inc. agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless CLIENT from and against all claims,
actions, causes of action, or liabilities, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from any
act undertaken or committed by LimoBank Inc. pursuant to the performance of its obligations under this

A 50% NON-refundable deposit is required for all Wedding/Prom/Special Event hourly services.
Uncollected cash balances must be paid no later than 10 days after a final undisputed invoice is received after
the date of service. Acceptable method of payment to confirm reservation: Cash, Credit Card MS VS AMEX DISC, or Check.
Acceptable method of payment the day of the service: Cash or Credit Card (no personal checks).

Minimum advance notice for CANCELLATION is needed otherwise full charges will apply:
Sedan and SUV – 24 hrs; Limo Stretch – 72 hrs required; Van – 72 hrs required; Buses – 5 business days required
All NO-shows for scheduled pick ups are considered late cancellations and full charges will apply.  For any late undates or schedule changes LimoBank will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate the CLIENT otherwise full charges appl.  If the passenger changes their flight without advance notification, full charges will apply.

For airport travel: add an additional $35 charge for reservations made at non-peak travel times (11:00 PM to
5:00 AM Central Time). For charter services: charges are based on the pick up and delivery of Passengers as
contracted. Additional charges will apply if more time is needed outside of the agreed scheduled drop off time.
For Airport ARRIVAL: from the time plane lands, you will have one hour for domestic flight and two hours for
international flight to collect your luggage and exit the airport to be picked up by the assigned driver. Additional
charge will apply (after 1 hour for domestic flight, and after 2 hours for international flight), for Sedans $25 for each 15
minutes the party is late, for SUVs $35 for each 15 minutes the party is late, for limousines and vans $45 for each 15 minutes the party is late, for limousines, for buses $45 for each 15 minutes the party is late. Please call us at 1-888-546-6988 or email info@limobank.com if there is a problem with collecting your luggage or unexpected delays.

LimoBank Inc. has a 15 – minute grace period on residential or commercial pickups. After grace period expires,
waiting time charges will be assessed from the scheduled pick up time to the actual pick up time at the respective
vehicle hourly rate in 1/4 hour intervals.

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